1. Before anything – there was nothing – Nothing;

2. After that appeared Zilch;

3. Out of Zilch Something has emerged. The Universe Confines appeared;

4. Something was Emanating in the Universe Confines creating limit of Cognition;

5. Zilch was Repelling in the Universe Confines creating limit of Irrationality;

6. Nothing was Absorbing in the Universe Confines creating limit of Rationality;

7. Something was emanating in the Universe Confine creating time;

8. Multitude of the Universes are in the Sun Inverse;

9. Time created the elementary inert particle-Issirina;

10. The Multitude of Issirinas created the elementary passive particle-Saurina;

11. The Multitude of Saurinas created the elementary active particle- Aurina;

12. The Great number of Multitudes created Spirit. The Conflict of Systems originated from The Unity of Issirina and/or Saurina and/or Aurina;

13. Multitude of Spirits created Soul. An intellect appeared.

14. Spirit Multitudes and Soul Multitudes created Body. A need appeared.

15. Great number of Spirit Multitudes and Soul Multitudes and Body Multitudes created GOD.

16. Multitudes of GODs created GOT like omnipotent;

17. GOT created the Source searching for Irrationality;

18. Multitude of Irrationalities created Rationality;

19. Multitude of Rationalities created LUDEN;

20. Multitude of Ludens created FLYOUR;

21. Omnipotent is motivated by Irrationality;

22. Flyour is motivated by Rationality;

23. Rationality creates Irrationality;

24. Irrationality creates Rationality;

25. Rationality Infusion for Irrationality creates the Multitude of Omnipotents;

26. Irrationality Infusion for Rationality creates the Multitude of Flyours;

27. The Multitude of Flyours and/or Multitude of Omnipotents creates ALLAXIS;

28. The Multitude of ALLAXISES in the Universe Confines is impossible;

29. The Notion that Irrationality and Rationality are United is possible with the New Irrationality;

30. Irrationality will create the New Rationality;

31. Rationality will create the New Irrationality;

32. Irrationality governs Rationality;

33. Rationality governs Irrationality;

34. The Multitudes of Irrationalities and/or Multitudes of Rationalities are governed by ALLAXIS only. Rite of Worship is for Him;

35. Overcoming the limit of Cognition, ALLAXIS is entering the Sun Inverse, He is rushing towards the GALAXIS: “ I am That, who I am All-in-All”.

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